You’ll find answers here to some of our most frequently asked questions about minimally invasive treatments.

What is Foam Sclerotherapy and is it useful?

Foam sclerotherapy is a technique where a chemical is mixed with air to make a foam. The foam is then injected into a varicose vein. It can be used to treat big varicose veins but we think that it is not as effective as EVLT when used in this way. A recent review of the technique by NICE has suggested that it works in about 68% of cases compared to 98% for EVLT. In addition sometimes this technique leaves a skin mark that takes several months to go away. Foam Sclerotherapy is useful for treating any smaller varicose veins that might be left over after EVLT.

What is VeNUS Closure?

VeNUS Closure is a surgical technique similar to EVLT. The results from VeNUS are much the same as EVLT but the recurrence rate after treatment is slightly higher than with EVLT which is why we prefer the laser.

What are thread veins and can they be treated?

Thread veins are tiny little veins in the skin that are related to varicose veins and are very common.  They can usually be treated by simple injections.