You’ll find answers here to some of our most frequently asked questions about minimally invasive treatments.

How long do I wear the bandages for?

The bandages are worn for five days then soaked off in the bath and replaced by a compression stocking which is then worn for two weeks.

What sort of painkillers will I need?

We usually prescribe two types of painkiller – Voltarol and Codydramol. We advise patients to take them together and regularly for the first few days. They are well tolerated although Voltarol should not be taken by patients with a history of stomach ulceration.

Can I use ‘natural’ remedies?

Yes, certainly. We find that a lot of people say that Arnica taken as either tablets or cream can help to reduce the bruising after surgery.

How long will I need to be off work after EVLT?

Latest studies suggest the average time off work is 3 days after EVLT – compared with 12 days after open varicose vein surgery.

When can I drive after EVLT?

It depends. The majority of people will be OK to drive after three to four days but it is important to check with your car insurance company that they will cover you after an operation.

When can I go to the gym / start exercise after EVLT?

This varies a bit between patients – generally speaking it is advisable to avoid heavy exercise for a week or two while the healing process takes place. You are unlikely to harm yourself if you exercise sooner, but it might hurt a bit.

What follow up procedures are necessary?

Quite often no further procedures are required. At six weeks if there are any small veins left over in the calf, they can be removed under local anaesthetic by making some tiny (2mm) nicks in the skin, or by injecting them with a chemical (sclerotherapy – more info below).

How soon can I fly after EVLT?

Short haul flights are no problem. Long haul flights should probably be avoided for 3 – 4 weeks after surgery.