You’ll find answers here to some of our most frequently asked questions about minimally invasive treatments.

Who will do my operation if I have private treatment?

Mr Chaloner or Mr Sweeney. They are consultant vascular surgeons who work at several hospitals in the London area. You can be seen at 9 Harley Street, Blackheath Hospital, Chelsfield Park Hospital or the Sloane Hospital.

How experienced with this technique are Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney?

Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney have been doing EVLT since 2003. They were the first surgeons in the London area to learn the operation and they have performed well over 3,000 EVLT operations and run training courses in the technique for surgeons from all over the world. Their work has been featured in several UK papers and magazines including The Times, the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph.

Do the surgeons do open varicose veins surgery as well?

Yes. They both provide a complete varicose vein treatment service incorporating the full range of techniques.

Is EVLT available on the NHS?

Not widely at this time. Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney do perform EVLT on the NHS at Lewisham Hospital where they treat approximately 25-30 patients per month. There are also severe restrictions on NHS treatment in most areas as we are only allowed to operate on patients with serious skin change or ulcers on the legs under the NHS.