Laser Fibre Treatment Certificate awarded to Radiance Vein Clinic surgeons

Certificate for Laser Fibre Treatment Awarded to Radiance Vein Clinic Surgeons

Radiance Vein clinic Surgeons Mr Eddie Chaloner and Mr Aaron Sweeney were presented with a certificate by Barend Van Vreedendaal, European Sales manager for Angiodynamics Ltd, the leading suppliers of laser fibres for varicose vein treatment in Europe and the USA; in recognition of their performance as the largest users of laser fibres in the UK in 2014.

Mr Van Vreedendaal commented, “Angiodynamics are delighted that leading surgeons like Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney choose to use our fibres in their work. The number of patients they treat every year speaks to their eminence in the field of minimally invasive laser surgery and we are proud to support them.”

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