Restless leg syndrome

Many patients describe symptoms of ‘restless leg syndrome’ which can cover a wide variety of complaints from aching in the leg, to sensations of irritation and a feeling of being compelled to move the legs around. In some cases patients describe a sensation similar...

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Summer Legs - Radiance Vein Clinic

Summer Legs

As the weather warms up and hemlines rise we see increasing numbers of patients in clinic concerned about their legs – and not always for the obvious reasons you may expect. Clearly, the biggest anxiety for many patients (male as well as female) is...

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Eddie Chaloner - Can Computers Replace Doctors?

Can Computers Replace Doctors?

Few things are guaranteed to annoy a doctor more than the suggestion that he or she can easily be replaced by a machine – surely, we argue, a computer can never replace the subtlety and complexity of medicine – yet this is exactly what...

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