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Radiance Vein Clinic receives almost 100% satisfaction for the second year running

Leading surgeons in the UK, Mr Aaron Sweeney and Mr Eddie Chaloner, and their team of experienced and friendly staff have yet again received an almost perfect satisfaction score from their latest customer feedback survey.

Radiance, the award-winning vein clinic, operates across a variety of locations around London and the wider area, both privately and on the NHS. Of the clinics and hospitals available, many conduct monthly customer satisfaction surveys as a rolling quality assessment to ensure patients are happy with their treatment and the process leading up to and following their procedure. The most recent customer feedback audit was carried out at Benenden Hospital, Kent, which was rated ‘outstanding’ during a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) visit..

41 patients who had received Endovenous Laser Treatment, a minimally invasive way of treating varicose veins, were presented with the questionnaire, of which two skipped all but two questions. Of the 39 patients who answered the question, ‘How likely would you be to recommend friends or family if they needed similar care or treatment?’, 100 percent responded with the top answer of extremely likely.


How likely to recommend Radiance


Of the 39 patients who answered the second and third questions, all of them were involved in their procedure as much as they wanted to be and all of them also had confidence and trust in the staff treating them. These results are coherent with a survey conducted in 2016, where 38 out of 40 were extremely likely to recommend their experience to their friends and family, 39 out of 40 were as involved as they wished to be, and all 40 respondents had confidence and trust in the staff. Where changes are present from the 2016 survey to 2017, results have improved.


A safe, trusting and worry-free environment 

Of those potential patients with concern or anxiety about receiving treatment can rest assured that 100 percent of respondents who answered the question felt they were treated with respect and dignity while in the hospital ward and given enough privacy when discussing their condition or treatment. Of those who had worries or fears, 100 percent of respondents who answered the question found someone on the hospital staff to talk to about this.


Staff help Radiance


The same results were found in 2016, so standards remain high and professional, with one respondent saying, ‘Mr Chaloner and staff are now my new heroes!’ and another saying, ‘Everyone was extremely friendly, and the atmosphere was very relaxed which really helped! Thank you.’

Treatments provided by Radiance Vein Clinic are a positive experience from start to finish, with 100 percent of respondents stating that staff did everything they could to control their pain and that they found the hospital clean. All but one patient answered that they were provided with all of the information needed about possible side effects from the medication once they returned home, and who to contact should they have any concerns following treatment.

These recent findings can once again offer reassurance to anyone looking for minimally invasive treatment of their veins, that Radiance will provide you with a safe and relaxed environment. All staff who care for you will be able to answer any questions you have and talk to you about any worries. You along with the 100 percent of patients who responded to the surveys over the last two years, can have confidence and trust in the people taking care of you.

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