Clarivein Treatment

ClariVein® is a revolutionary new technique from the USA. It seals the main leaking vein on the thigh in a completely painless procedure with no post operative pain or bruising. In July 2010, Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney were the first surgeons to use the technique in the UK and results so far have been very impressive.

ClariVein® works by using a small rotating tip on the end of a catheter placed inside the leaking vein. The rotating tip is completely painless to the patient, it negates the need for multiple, painful injections required in alternative techniques – most patients describe ClariVein® as a tickling feeling in the thigh. After the operation, a bandage is applied to the leg and the patient can walk around normally. To date there have been no reports of any significant pain or bruising in the immediate period after the operation.

The main advantages of ClariVein® over other techniques are that it avoids having to make multiple painful injections all the way down the leg and that there is no pain or bruising after the operation.

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The initial results suggest that the success rate of the procedure is as good as other methods at the 12-month point after treatment. However, we need to study the outcomes of patients undergoing ClariVein® for a longer period of time to know for sure whether the results are as durable as for the patients having laser treatment with EVLT.

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Why Clarivein

Most of the minimally invasive techniques for varicose veins work by using heat to seal the main leaky vein inside the thigh. The heat is generated by using a laser (called EVLT) or electrical energy (VnUS Closure). ClariVein® works by using a rotating wire and a solution called STD to close the vein from the inside

ClariVein® is sadly not suitable for all varicose vein patients. We estimate that we will be able to use ClariVein® on about 70% of patients with varicose veins but the more complicated cases, especially those who have had surgery before, may not be suitable.

The only downside to date is that the ClariVein® technique is very new and at the moment, we don’t know what the long-term results will be. The data from the USA from the 12-month follow up is that all the veins are completely closed and the treatment has been successful in over 90% of cases.

Cost of ClariVein® treatment

The cost of ClariVein® is similar to other types of treatment – as a rough guide treatment for one leg will cost in the region of £2,250–£2,995. Patients with health insurance should find that their insurers will cover the costs.
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