Walk-in, walk-out varicose vein treatment with the 10-Step Radiance Care Pathway

Step 1:
Appointment with consultant vascular surgeon and assessment of veins including a duplex ultrasound scan. This will determine what severity of veins you have and help us decide which treatment is correct for you – see the veins quiz for more information on severity of veins.

Step 2:
Discussion about method of treatment and type of anaesthesia – you can either be completely awake (local anaesthetic), completely asleep (general anaesthetic) or awake but sedated if you prefer.

Step 1 and 2 will take place at the same time and last approximately 30 minutes.

Step 3:
A letter of summary will be sent to both you and your GP outlining the problem and the treatment plan. For insured patients the operation codes will be appended to pass on to your insurance company. For non-insured patients all inclusive quotes will be provided. Our 20-page information booklet covering all aspects of treatment will also be included.

Step 4:
You can select a time, date and venue for treatment to suit your schedule. Please phone Lauren or Audrey on 0208 249 0993 to book a place.

Step 5:
Any anaesthetic pre-assessment will be undertaken by the designated hospital. Please note that this is not necessary for patients having a local anaesthetic procedure.

Step 6:
Arrive at Hospital on day of surgery and undergo the procedure. Leave later the same day.

Step 7:
Follow-up appointment approximately 2 weeks after surgery with your consultant surgeon. If you have any worries or concerns prior to this please phone Lauren or Audrey or the Hospital and Mr Chaloner or Mr Sweeney will call you or arrange for an urgent appointment in clinic.

Step 8:
Follow up treatment as required with sclerotherapy to residual thread veins to improve the cosmetic appearance of your legs.

Step 9:
Throw away compression stockings or similar garments as your legs will not ache any more.

Step 10:
Return to your normal daily activities!

Walk-in, Walk-out!