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Eddie Chaloner and Aaron Sweeney

Aaron Sweeney and Eddie Chaloner Consultant Surgeons

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1st Surgeon in London to use EVLT Laser Treatment

Eddie Chaloner is a pioneer, innovator and advocate for the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins.  An internationally renowned vascular surgeon, Eddie and leading UK surgeon Aaron Sweeney are at the forefront of international research and are active in training other surgeons in the latest vein surgery techniques.  Radiance Vein Clinic were the first in the UK to offer the revolutionary injection-free and painless ClariVein® treatment.

Britain’s Best 250 Doctors | Tatler Doctors Guide 2013

“Master of delicate thread vein removal”, Eddie works very closely together with Aaron, both striving to get the best outcomes for their patients using the very latest techniques and technology available.  They offer flexible appointments and treatment times in a variety of locations and there is always expert help available to cover any unexpected urgent problems.

“Walk-in, Walk-out”

Vein surgery has undergone a technical revolution in the past 10 years. Procedures are now carried out with local anaesthetic, lasting just 30-40 minutes with no overnight stay, rapid recovery time and extremely low rates of recurrence. A variety of treatments are offered and are tailored to the needs of each patient. Now you can say goodbye to pain and discomfort as well as any aesthetic concerns you may have and return to your normal daily activities within days.

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Vein surgery

Vein surgery has undergone massive change in the last 10 years, from the traditional high tie and strip operation to the minimally invasive techniques of Endovenous Laser Treatment, Radiofrequency ablation, foam sclerotherapy and others.


With huge experience in the latest minimally invasive techniques for treating varicose veins and thread veins our two pioneering consultant vascular surgeons, Mr Sweeney and Mr Chaloner, have successfully treated many thousands of patients.


<span> , Executive Director, Blackheath Hospital</span>
"Blackheath Hospital are proud to be working with internationally renowned surgeons Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney."
- Peter Harris , Executive Director, Blackheath Hospital

<span> , PR Manager, BMI Healthcare</span>
"Mr Chaloner is an internationally renowned vein surgeon and we are proud that he chooses to work with BMI Healthcare across three sites in south London. He has been at the forefront of treatments within in his the vascular field and regularly speaks on a national and international level. Mr Chaloner truly understands the needs of his patients and tailors his treatment to provide the best outcomes."
- Richard Morgan , PR Manager, BMI Healthcare

Case Studies

“I was very well looked after at the hospital and the results following my surgery are marvellous. Also, it was great not having to have a general anaesthetic and not to have that grogginess afterwards. I simply walked in – and walked out afterwards. I would never have contemplated wearing shorts before the surgery, but now I’m not nearly as conscious about covering up.” Read More

“The first leg is perfect now. I’ve got no problems at all. I feel sure the other leg will be the same too, once I’ve had time to recover from the surgery. It has given me a new lease of life – it has really made a difference. Before I’d be reluctant to put on high heels and go out for dinner as my legs would be so swollen and painful, but now there’s nothing to stop me!”  Read More 

Just six weeks after the Endovenous Laser Treatment to her right leg she said: “The results are amazing. It is a million times better than it was. My legs were unsightly. The varicose veins would stick out and they were painful. My legs would ache and it always seemed to be worse in the hot weather.”

Miss Bayley, from Sidcup, was so pleased with the results that six weeks later she had EVLT on her left leg, in August 2014. She said: “I wouldn’t wear skirts before and I certainly would not have worn shorts, but now I’m hoping that I will be able to.” Read More

There was no worrying about having a general anaesthetic when Caroline Swan went to benenden hospital for varicose veins surgery.  All that was necessary was a local anaesthetic, to numb the area being treated and while the surgery was being carried out Mrs Swan was able to take her mind off things by plugging into her iPod and listening to Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. Read More

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