When you make an appointment to see our consultants you can select from a range of clinic timings and locations to suit your schedule. A standard consultation last 30 minutes and will include an examination and usually an ultrasound scan at the initial appointment. Occasionally for the more difficult cases the patient may need to have a more complicated scan and then come back to see us for a second appointment. Mr Chaloner and Mr Sweeney will then discuss with you the treatment options for your condition and the best method of anaesthesia based on your preferences. You will then be able to make an appointment for treatment at a convenient time and location for you.

On the day of surgery you will come to the hospital and be prepared for theatre. The operation will be performed by either Mr Sweeney or Mr Chaloner and then after a short recovery period you will be able to go home. We almost never keep patients in hospital overnight.

You will have some bandages on the leg but will be able to walk around. You will be given some painkillers and some anti-inflammatory gel to take if you need it. Most patients find they need very few painkillers. After five days you will remove the bandages by soaking them off in the bath – they come off very easily. You will then replace the bandages with a stocking which you should wear during the day and take off at night.

You will usually be seen for follow up at about two weeks after the operation by Mr Sweeney or Mr Chaloner. After that most people get rid of the stocking. Sometimes patients want to have further follow up appointments for sclerotherapy for thread veins.